Terakalis aims to design and develop an innovative offer of terahertz systems based on the development of key components and on our systems engineering skills in various domains such as signal and image processing, optics, electronics, mechanics and data processing. Our systems include terahertz sources and sensors, opto-mechanical parts and softwares.

Our first components consist of a range of integrated TeraHertz measuring sensors, TK-Sensor, covering the frequency domain from 0.1 to 30 THz.

Our systems,  TK-Systems, are dedicated to punctual TeraHertz radiation measurement , 2D/3D Imaging, thickness measurement and spectrometry.

Ours offers match to customers’ requirements : supply of full or partial system, generic or customized.

Terahertz 2D Imaging system demonstrator

Product range description :

We proposes a full range of innovative TeraHertz systems for inner volume analysis and control of technical materials. Our systems are designed for industry and scientific laboratories.

Each system owns unique features: multi-modal analysis, real-time and 100% products control, portable check respectively for labs, process lines or maintenance teams.

All systems are contact-less, suitable for inspection of inner volume of non conductive materials: foams, polymers, elastomers, ceramics, composite/hybrid materials. Metal or conductive interfaces jointed with non conductive materials can be inspected as well.

Based on harmless and flexible technology, our systems offer an alternative to X-Rays with high level of detection sensitivity for quality and process control as well as ageing monitoring.

Products features :