Our systems capable of running at high-speed, are based on an active principle that combines a terahertz emission source and a terahertz signal measuring sensor. The emitted wave propagates inside the material and is then captured by the sensor measuring its amplitude, its phase and polarisation; these three variables provide information on the internal properties of the material crossed.

Several analysis methods can be considered, mainly transmission and 0°/45° reflection.

Online analysis/control of production :

Quality control :

  • Defects in materials or products (heterogeneities, anisotropy)
  • Defects of materials assembly (adhesion, cohesion, dimensions)
  • Defects in composite, multilayers materials
  • Inner defects of encapsulated or packaged products
  • Contamination of materials (metal, glass, stone, biological agent …)
  • Alignment rate and fiber orientation in composite materials
  • Purity (crystallinity, polymorphisms …) of materials

Manufacturing process control :

  • Monitoring of process parameters (products, materials)
  • Process guidance based upon in-heart sensors (moisture content, density, polymerization …)

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