Terakalis offers 1D/2D/…/6D systems intended to measure terahertz signals in frequencies between 0.1 THz and 10 THz.
They can include all or some of the elements in the system: emission source, measuring sensor, opto-mechanical components, displacement stages, optic modulator, monitoring software, etc.
A “lock-in” amplifier can be used to carry out a synchronous detection principle to increase the signal-to-noise ratio.
This can be an analog lock-in amplifier outside the system or a built-in digital lock-in amplifier.

Below is the configuration diagram for an external “lock-in” amplifier:

terahertz_waves_system diagram 1 1500X1054 72dpi

There are several optical configurations possible depending on the problem posed.
The “reflection” and “transmission” modes are shown in the diagrams below :


terahertz_waves_system diagram reflexion mode        terahertz_waves_system diagram transmission mode

Reflection mode                                                                      Transmission mode


The TK-Lyzer operating software runs the full configuration including the selective sensor, the 1D/2D/…/nD  displacement stages, the slaved optical modulator and the external or internal “lock-in” amplifier. In this case, the terahertz signal is measured with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

The TK-Lyzer software runs:

–    the translation of each stage based on the step and length of stroke selected by the user (manual or automatic)
–    the synchronisation of the whole and the built-in digital “lock-in” function (if the option is chosen)
–    the formation of 2D images or 1D profiles based on a point to point acquisition
–    the formation of 3D images from several 2D images acquired at different values of z
–    the registration of points, profiles or image files with the measuring configuration parameters

Below is illustrated a view of the user interface :


  • terahertz selective measuring systems
  • 2D/3D terahertz imaging systems
  • polarimetric 2D terahertz imaging systems
  • XYZ,θ terahertz source characterisation benches
  • multispectral terahertz imaging systems
  • terahertz spectroscopic systems
  • mono and multilayer thickness measurement